Dr Nicole consults all day Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from Murdoch University’s THE ANIMAL HOSPITAL, Perth, Western Australia. Cases are seen through the primary care entrance of THE ANIMAL HOSPITAL Nyarrie Drive, Murdoch. A small number of appointments are also offered through the training facility of Manners And More.

To make an appointment at TAHMU ring 1300 652 494 and request a questionnaire from our friendly primary care nursing staff.

For returning clients a 30 minute follow up appointment (reduced fee) can be conducted on a Wednesday morning.

Dr Nicole sees veterinarian referred cases, as well as owner or trainer referred. Both canine and feline cases are seen.


A consult is approximately one hour conducted after an extensive questionnaire is completed. The aim of the questionnaire is to save consultation time on history taking but to still get a thorough history as to the origin of the problem. All aspects of the animal’s life are examined through the questionnaire. Answer it as completely as you can. The questionnaire is a vital part of the consultation and is relied on to make an accurate diagnosis. Clients should allow at least 30 minutes to an hour to complete this and it should be returned on the Thursday before the appointment, to be fully reviewed by Dr Nicole.

Owners are often asked to provide video footage.

Consultation cost is $350.00 and includes an individualised written report and ongoing support via phone/email for a period of three months. Blood work, medications and behaviour modification training incur extra fees. Trainers are welcome to attend the consultation with their clients.

Most animals will require ongoing work with an experienced behavioural trainer, one on one, recommended by Dr Nicole, and some animals will be prescribed medication to speed their improvement.


Dr Nicole can speak on a range of topics to a variety of pet professionals. Talks to date include:

  • Dog Sense – dog owners
  • Understanding the Canine Brain – pet professionals
  • Low Stress Handling for Practitioners – veterinarians
  • Behaviour medicine for General practitioners – veterinarians
  • Canine and Feline Body language and low stress handling- Vet nurses
  • Use of Barking Muzzles – Greyhound industry
  • Behaviour triage and common Behaviour problems – Vet nurses
  • Feline Behaviour – Vet students
  • Come in Spinner – canine compulsive disease – veterinarians
  • Behaviour concerns for Greyhound adopters – Pet owners