Preferred trainers

The reason I have a list of preferred trainers is that there are, sadly, still some dog trainers who persist in using techniques that involve the use of inhumane tools and techniques. These trainers will never be recommended by me.

As a qualified Behaviour Veterinarian I have a strong ethical commitment to not make any patient worse. It is irresponsible to advise treatments that involve punishment when it has been clearly shown that punishment can make these animals worse and endanger their caregivers.

The following is a list of trainers who I work closely with and I can vouch for their knowledge, care and commitment. All the trainers below employ positive reinforcement and see the value in working closely with a behaviour veterinarian. Together the best possible outcome can be achieved.

Colleen O’dea – Manners’n More

Here’s what Colleen says…

“Manners ’n’ More Companion Dog Training has been privileged to not just refer to Dr Nicole but to work together for a number of my clients.  It has reinforced for me that the inclusion of a veterinary behaviourist is a vital ingredient to the whole recipe that makes up the Behaviour Modification Process.  Together we achieve outstanding results for dog/s and their owners.
Behaviour Modification Recipe 
1. Dog
2. Owner/s
3. Qualified Dog Trainer
4. Qualified Veterinary Behaviourist
Combine ingredients 1, 2, 3 & 4 into a bowl, discuss in-depth the behaviours of ingredient 1.
Ingredient 4, knowing that not all behaviours are as simple as communication issues, but can be signs of underlying anxiety disease, can improve ingredient 2’s understanding of why ingredient 1 may not be emulsifying as expected.
Mix thoroughly the knowledge and skills of ingredients 3 & 4 to develop a plan to improve emulsification of ingredient 1.
Ingredients 2 and 3 combine to raise and proof, whilst knowing ingredient 4 is always there to add a little extra to the recipe when needed.
For Outstanding Results 
Regular training, updates and reviews where necessary by all ingredients will increase the desired  result to increase the quality of ingredient 1’s life.”

Sonya Bevan – Dog Charming

Here’s what Sonya says…

“Working with fearful, anxious and aggressive dogs is my passion. These dogs respond really well to behaviour modification. They often need pharmaceutical assistance in order to get the best out of a behaviour modification plan. That’s why forming a working alliance with a vet behaviour consultant who specializes in animal behaviour and pharmaceutical intervention was a total windfall. It’s not only Dr Nicole’s expertise in animal behaviour that makes her a Godsend to animals with behaviour issues, it’s her empathy to animals in need as well as to their care-givers. She is committed to providing a science based, ethical and compassionate service. Yet it doesn’t stop there. She is truly interested in the wellbeing of her clients and encourages clients to remain in contact with regular updates. Working with Dr Nicole has been a collaboration resulting in truly gratifying results for our mutual clients. Her mentorship and willingness to share her expert knowledge with colleagues means I have access to the information I need for difficult cases. As if that wasn’t enough, Dr Nicole continues to strive for excellence with the pursuit of continuing education. As long as there are animals needing help with behaviour, I have no doubt Dr Nicole will be providing the best possible care and advice available.”

Simone Thomas
0411 619 712

Here’s what Simone says…

I’ve been in the habit of working with veterinary behaviourists for many years now to complement my training experiences with clients.  There are some behaviour problems that we as trainers simply cannot address without help.  As a wise person once said:  “if your boat has a hole in the bottom, no amount of teaching someone how to row will stop the boat from sinking, and they’ll simply be spending all their time bailing the water out”.

Dr Nicole’s genuine interest in, and empathy for, each individual animal and person that she sees places her in a unique position to dispense thoughtful and competent advice on ‘fixing the boat’.  She has a genuine interest in maintaining current best practice and education, and her background as a GP vet of many years gives her a solid foundation of the difference between behaviour that is expressed normally and behaviour that makes living an ordinary functional life difficult; as well as understanding and addressing the distress that this can cause the human component of the relationship.

Working with Dr Nicole allows me to maintain contact with my clients whilst at the same time knowing that I always have her knowledge and experience available to reinforce any behaviour modification work that I might be doing.  I am very happy to be able to refer clients to Dr Nicole because I know that she will approach each individual case with care and consideration.
0411 619 712

Nikhil Saha – K9 Care Obedience Training

Here’s what Nikhil says…

“As an obedience trainer I work with a wide range of dogs, of different ages, breeds, temperaments & backgrounds. The majority of dogs I come across improve greatly with good guidance & consistent input from their owners. On occasion I encounter dogs who present with behavioural problems involving fears, anxieties or phobias
as a consequence of poor early life experiences or genetic dysfunction. These dogs require special attention from a trained and experienced animal behaviourist. Over the years I have referred many clients to Dr Nicole and have been inspired by her ability to get to the root of behavioural problems and provide constructive strategies & solutions.
I always feel confident referring clients to Dr Nicole – she provides a great service to her clients and her follow up work is excellent.”

Cecile Ashen-Young, CPDT-KA

Here’s what Cecile says…

“As an appropriately qualified dog trainer, it is important that I can refer clients to a behaviour veterinarian whenever I suspect a medical or non-training behavioural issue. Equally important is that I can develop a true collaborative partnership with a behaviour veterinarian so that the client can be provided with a balance of appropriate medical diagnosis with a well-developed and managed behaviour modification plan.

I have referred several of my clients to Dr. Nicole, and I consider myself very fortunate to have the chance to work with her. Not only is she eminently qualified and very committed to her clients, Dr Nicole is always ready to share her knowledge and expertise with me. She promotes that true collaborative effort between trainer and behaviourist that can give the client and pet the best possible chance for a happy and healthy outcome.”